Activity Log System

A time tracker application for daily activities.

Project: Work


A portal application to track employee’s hours and activities to productivity data as reports.

Each employee has a dashboard and simple forms for the day.

One of my early projects, unfortunately I wasn't able to get sample screens.

Users were not excited about this project. (Including me)

Since this would just add another thing for them to do.

Nowadays, time tracking apps such as Hubstaff are pretty common.

  • jQuery UI for the frontend.
  • Developed with Spring Framework for the backend.
  • Ajax was pretty popular during this time to make SPA like behavior.

I didn't know how to use Git yet, we have a shared drive where we compile the changes at end of day. Simpler times.

For inquiries and more details, please contact me.

Built with

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Java
  • Postgres