Ally ATMSafe

Subscription insurance for ATM incidents such as fraud, card-skimming and theft.

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Philippine National Bank (PNB) already has the solution to this mounting ATM theft problem.

The PNB ATMSafe is the first innovative insurance product in the Philippines that secures and protects ATM cardholders and their accounts.

For only Php 12.00 per month, ATMSafe replaces money stolen from a cardholder’s account as a result of skimming or any of the other forms of ATM theft scams.

ATMSafe also ensures the safety of PNB ATM cardholders as it restores money stolen during an ATM robbery – up to Php 50,000 for a maximum of three (3) incidents per year.

This project is the first time I was assigned as team leader.

It serves information to the mainframe and process information to update customer's account status and balance.

Basically a communication middleware between java app with mainframe.

The system generates monthly reports after processing.

After the banks merged, it is still live which takes over the new bank name.

I think that's only what I can share here.

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