AWS Deep Racer

Trying out AI and racing with AWS.

Project: Personal


Joined a seminar and event at work to learn Reinforced Learning by using AWS Deep Racer.

Here is where we create a model of a race car for simulation then teach it how to drive.

The reward function which pretty much dictates how the car behaves is written in Python.

Using AWS we can create models to train.

The idea is pretty interesting and I can see various uses in the future.

I think this is how Twisted Metal started, mounting machine guns and other weapons for the AI to control.

Hmmmm.... or even Skynet.

Sample Screen

Alt text

Ooooops wrong screen

Test drive

Test drive

Click on the image above to view on YouTube

Deep Racer Model

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Tools and Technologies

  • Python
  • Git
  • GitHub
  • AWS