Courier Services Site

Admin and booking application for a logistics company

Project: Work


A logistics site for users to ship their items.

The company picks up parcels from customer's address then delivers in the following days.

We can say this as older version of Lalamove.

My role was to see the overall improvement of their system which deals with the system flow as well as the actual operation process.

Remember the vanilla PHP projects without frameworks with lots of includes?

This was something like that but fortunately the code was easy to follow.

I was able to improve the bookings and processing by filtering and reducing redundant bookings per day to only show unique records.

Collaborated with local 3rd party software providers to integrate their services such as SMS sending.

This was an old system even back in 2015 and services like Amazon SNS was not yet as popular as today(April 4, 2024).

Sample Screen


Alt text


Alt text

Unfortunately I found out while writing this that they shut down last year.

They were quite popular when I was there.

Tech stack and tools

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • MySQL